AOL Sign up | AOL mail Sign Up –Benefits

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AOL Sign up | AOL mail Sign Up –Benefits

With AOL Sign up mail, you can keep in touch with friends and family. There’re several email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo mail and Webmail services. However, each one has its own unique way of rendering its email services. Having an AOL mail will offer quite a lot of benefits and more access to other email services that you won’t get easily on other email services. Through the AOL sign up you’ll have the opportunity to use the AOL instant messenger.

AOL sign up

In this article, I’ll be showing the step by step guide on AOL sign up for AOL mail.

Steps to AOL sign up –AOL Mail

  • Go to the AOL sign up page for the  AOL mail
  • Tap on the sign up button  at the button of the page
  • As the page opens, it’ll request your personal details for submission. These details include your name, username, date of birth and location.
  • Choose your gender and click on the continue button
  • You’ll see a mobile verification tab, click on the ‘text me a verification code’
  • Enter your phone number for them to send your code to confirm that you’re the owner of the AOL mail.
  • When you receive the code on your mobile,  fill in the code and click on continue
  • Click the let’s get started  button and your AOL account is now ready for use

In case you want your AOL sign up on your mobile phone, just download the app from your device playstore, tap on Sign up button at the bottom page and follow the steps below:

  • Fill in the right information  for AOL Sign up
  • Provide your full name
  • Your unique email address which you may later use as your Username
  • Fill in a Strong  password that you can remember easily
  • Fill in your mobile phone number and your country code
  • Provide your birth date choose your gender
  • You’ll be asked to verify your phone by clicking on the text me a verification code.
  • When you receive the code, enter the code in the right place and click on the continue button
  • After this, you’ll get a message congratulating you, then click on the let’s get started  icon and start using your AOL mail.

Managing your Username and Password

With AOL mail, you can manage your Username and password issues with less difficulty. Since your password is your only access to your AOL account, you must have to guide well. However, it’s important for you to update your password at regular intervals. To achieve this, sign in to your account security page and tap on the Change Password tab. Key in your new password you wish to make the main password and confirm it by re-entering it in the next box.

How to you can create a Strong Password for your AOL mail.

We all know that Password is your first security to your website or any of your online account. this is because it protects you from scammers/intruders. To Protect and make your Password strong, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure you use  unique words and not obvious words like ‘Password’
  • User 12 or more Characters, because a longer password is stronger
  • Don’t use any of your personal information like your birthday or your name.
  • You  must avoid using  repeated characters
  • Use a different password for a different login online.

Benefits of AOL mail sign up

  • When using the AOL mail, you have the best experience for faster email services that you attach files to. It enables you to enjoy a simple account interface and a mobile app for easy access to your inbox.
  • This email gives users ‘You’ve Go mail’’ alert when you have a message in your inbox
  • It provides users with unlimited inbox storage for users
  • Users can create custom folders inside their inbox to organize and store messages.
  • Displays all tools for writing and sending messages in an easy to find a way
  • Users can upload multiple files at once in form of attachment and it uploads files faster than other emails
  • It groups messages between you and a single sender  in a conversation view so that you can read your messages in a chronological order
  • Provides an auto response feature you can set up to be sent out as a reply to anyone who sends you a message at a particular period of time.
  • Offers both trash and the spam folder to enable you sees your spam messages and manually enters the email address you want to redirect to the spam folders.
  • Provides a free email task calendar
  • Offers email invite services and enables you to set up an alert to remind you of events.
  • Offers a live chat feature that you can set up instantly and enable you to connect with others in the same chat program.
How to login AOL Mail

After your AOL sign up, you can now log in to your AOL mailbox to check your messages and send your messages and attachment as well. Here are steps to Login into your AOL mail Account:

  • Go to to initiate the sign in process
  • Tap on the sign in the tab at the top right corner of the page
  • Fill in your username or email in the right box
  • Tap the next button, and enter your password and Username in the following boxes
  • Click the next button that shows up, then, clear your browsers cookies and refresh your sign up page.
  • Click the sign in tab. However, you can try other browsers if you encounter one problem with a particular browser.
Steps to reset you AOL Password

You may forget your password for one reason or the other. In case this happens, don’t panic yet because you can use the AOL reset tool to reset your Password. To do this, enter our username and click the next button. Down the page, you’ll see ‘’I forgot my Password’’ link, click on the link and follow the instruction to recover or reset your password.

How to stay signed in to your AOL mail Account

If you don’t want to be entering your login details each time you want to access your AOL mail account, you can choose the stay signed in option. Fill in your username and password once and next time you want to log in, it won’t ask for your login details again. It can only ask for your login details if you’re logging in from another device that you’ve not logged in before.

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