Email Marketing| Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email Marketing | Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is just the use of email to promote your products or services. Also, it means the use of emails to develop relationships and engage your potential customers or clients. It’s just another form of digital marketing/internet marketing via websites, social media, blog sites and so on. It comes as a direct mail to your inbox or as a notice for you to accept getting information from a particular business or website.

Email marketing

So, instead of using postal services, messages are now sent via email, for receipts of purchases, acknowledgment of purposes, congratulatory messages on success purchases, notice for new products/services and advertisement on new companies, outfits and products in the market.

Building strong email marketing is very essential in achieving your business success as an entrepreneur. Even though social media platforms seem to have dominated in several marketing strategies, email marketing remains a very important aspect of achieving fast growth in your business.

In my previous articles, I talked about how to grow your business using some social media platforms such as Facebook business page, LinkedIn Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Pinterest marketing and so on. In all of these social media marketing platforms, there’re more benefits one can get using each one of them. However, it seems that email marketing is no longer a very successful way of driving traffic to businesses and websites, but that’s a big lie!

The fact remains that email marketing is very much active and in use in growing businesses. There’s no doubt to the benefits of using email marketing as a business strategy.

However despite the benefits, one should be careful to avoid spam emails claiming ‘deals on this or that’.

Benefits of Email Marketing

  • It helps build trust with your customers over time and make them consistent customers
  • It’s cheap in terms of price. When you consider the money in making adverts with other marketing strategies you’ll agree with me that marketing with email is cheap
  • Easy to set up-Because of it’s easy to set up, small businesses can use it to make their business more accessible
  • Business owners can send newsletters to the email list they have to build from on their website.
  • You can keep your email subscribers updated with upcoming events, article, and products or as well remind them of business that exists.
  • It’s not boundary bound. With email marketing, you can reach anyone anywhere in the world.
  • Helps in targeting by demographics (Age, income and more).
  • It has a wide coverage than social media
  • Offers more analytics such as click-through rates, open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.

Tips for your email marketing strategy

You must know how relevant email marketing is to your business. A study shows that about 94% of internet users use email and another 61% use social media. Also, 75% of adult online prefers email marketing as a business growing method. Here are tips for having a successful email marketing:

  • Start by building your own list- You can easily achieve this by sending an unsolicited email to people you wish to turn to your potential customers.
  • You must stick to the rules of the CAM-SPAM act. Part of the rule is having a non-deceptive subject line, you must provide a method for your subscribers to unsubscribe, your name and address should be at the end of each mail.
  • Give your future customers/clients a good treatment
  • Shouldn’t just send out ads to buy all the time.
  • Maintain your schedule is you’re doing a newsletter. If you send your emails on a regular day or days or time can help your email subscribers to know what to expect next.

Email Marketing Software

Before you can start using email marketing to grow your business, the first step to take is to choose email marketing software. With the software, you can now generate new subscribers and build your email list. When choosing, consider the price, the one that best suits your business, drag-and-drop editors, email templates, etc. Example of the software is MailChimp and Constant Contact. This is important because not everyone will see your post on Facebook or other social media if you don’t spend extra dollars to boost it. But when it comes straight to their email inbox, they can check it and click on the link to view your website or buy the product or request for your services.

Email marketing Campaign

With your marketing software, you can customize emails with your subscribers name and send them customized emails on special occasions like birthdays and other events. First of all, gather the email list. In setting your email list, you may have to answer some questions like will you spam them? What will they gain? Will make the email address public? Etc.

Ways to get email list

After registering with any of the email marketing software, you can start building from our website visitors. To get them to subscribe, you can offer them discounts in exchange for their emails. You can even offer them free downloads, free white papers or eBooks and update lists such as one for new releases and some product updates.

Using an autoresponder

I don’t think you can respond to lots of new subscribers when they start coming in numbers. So, the best thing is to use and autoresponders, it sends out emails that you schedule in advance. When this is done, you can prevent going dark for any time.

Steps to build your email list
  • Ensure you set up a pre-launch page
  • Collect your emails from subscribers
  • Place opt-in forms on our sites-this can come on your header, navigation or footer, about page, and as a pop-up form.
  • Increase your signups
  • Offer discounts
  • Ask people for emails in person.

The types of email marketing campaign

  1. Transactional emails
  2. Promotional emails
  3. Lifecycle emails.

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