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Facebook Marketing   Software | Facebook Marketing Tools

As far as business marketing is concerned, Facebook plays a major role in digital marketing. Taking advantage of over 1.6 billion active monthly Facebook users, one can successfully market their business on Facebook using Facebook Marketing software. You can successfully achieve this if you have a facebook business page.

facebook Marketing software

When Facebook marketing software is mentioned, not many understand it and most people will like to know if there’re such things like that. However, the truth is that there is Facebook marketing software and in this article, I’ll reveal to you what they are and what you can use them for.

What is Facebook Marketing Software

Facebook Marketing software is those tools that are used to achieve successful business marketing on Facebook through an Ad campaign.

If you really wish to achieve huge marketing on Facebook, you must utilize these tools effectively. These tools help to improve your business performance and earnings. With the tools, you can have easy customer management and when it comes to business expansion; it’s quite a great tool. The major criteria to use this platform are to have a Facebook account.

Signing up for a Facebook account

To sign up for a facebook account for free to use a Facebook marketing software. It’s free and very easy to create just by following the instruction below:

  • Log on to  your browser and go to www.facebook.com or you download  facebook app from the play store  on your device
  • Go to the registration box and fill your first name, surname, email or mobile number, create a password for facebook account
  • Fill in your date of birth and your gender by selecting male or female and thereafter, click on the signup button.
  • You’ll get a confirmation mail to your email address or to your phone by SMS of a code. Enter the code on the text box shown on the homepage and tap on the verify button.

Your Facebook account Login

Now you have an account, you can just log in to your account using your login details via the guidelines below:

  • Tap on your Facebook mobile app or visit www.facebook.com, provide your account login details on the box provided, email address or phone number and password
  • There and then, hit the login button

The types of marketing software

Facebook offers users opportunities to grow their businesses using Facebook marketing software and below are the Software:


this is a popular social media managing platform that helps users to schedule and publish a post. It provides insight into the post’s mention, the likes and reach.


This is one of the great tools for Facebook marketing and managing Facebook ad campaigns. Via this tool, users can create, analyze and optimize specific rules for the ad campaign execution.

 Agora Pulse

This is for managing contents and engagements  on facebook

Facebook Ads Manager

It enables you to easily create and manage Facebook Ads.

Drift rock

It’s a lead used by marketers to get more conversions. With it, you can create Facebook ads easily and fast and also optimize your ad campaign.

The Fanpage Karma

Fanpage karma is multi-functional Facebook marketing software on facebook used to compose and publish post with ease.


It’s good in optimizing the performance of your page and provides simple and valuable insight.

Hoot suite

This is a great analyzing tool that helps to target and retarget the right kind of people for your conversions on your website.

However, there’re other software like Heyo, MeetEdgar, PaygeModo, Post Planner, Qwaya short stack and many more for your Facebook marketing and success.


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