LinkedIn Marketing | How to grow your business with LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Marketing | How to grow your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing is another social media platform you can use to grow your business and attract more customers and followers. It’s quite unfortunate that many people don’t really know about this. A lot has been said about the facebook book business page and how it drives business growth and makes users earn more money by creating a Facebook business page

LinkedIn Marketing

But the fact is that LinkedIn marketing is an emerging platform with over 500 million users on LinkedIn, you can leverage on this platform to grow your business.

It’s true that Facebook has been there and many are already addicted to it, but until you try this new opportunity in LinkedIn marketing, you’ll be amazed how serious and business minded LinkedIn users are.

When you talk on professional networking marketing strategy or growing your business, LinkedIn is the play to achieve this.

However, to grow your audience and drive your business on LinkedIn, you need to create a LinkedIn company page. So, read below on how to create a winning LinkedIn company page.

How to create a LinkedIn Marketing company Page

Now you must know that your company’s page will help others learn more about your business, brand and the services you offer. To create LinkedIn company page, you must first of all have an existing personal LinkedIn profile. Having created your LinkedIn profile, follow the steps below to create your LinkedIn company page.

1st step : Add your company

Go to the LinkedIn marketing solutions portal for creating a company page and tap on the big blue create a company page button. Key in the company’s official company name and select the URL that people will use to locate your business on LinkedIn. Now choose right the URL because you can’t change it later. Thereafter, click on the box showing that you have the right to act on behalf of your company and click on the Create page button. Automatically, your page is created by LinkedIn, then, start entering the details by clicking on the get started button.

2nd step: Add your company Logo or cover Image

Carefully select a cover image to catch the attention of your potential customers by creating your business feel.You must know that LinkedIn Is a professional network  and your company logo means  a lot  mostly at the profile pictures. The Logo should be on your employees LinkedIn profiles. It’s better you use a square sized 300 X 300 pixels. Most importantly, research shows that companies with Logos get six times more traffic to their company pages.

3rd step:  Create your company’s description

LinkedIn offers your 2,000 characters to describe the services your company offers. So, to get your LinkedIn marketing strategy right, you must create a convincing content with craft to keep your visitors coming back always. You must take the first 156 characters seriously because it’ll appear at the Google preview of your company.

You may add beneath your description 20 company specialties. It’ll ask as tags or keywords that’ll help people find your business on LinkedIn.

4th Step: Enter your Company details

Provide your company’s website URL, company’s details with the drop –down menus  showing your industry, company size and company type(both public, non-profit, educational and so on), provide the year you founded your company and Key in your company’s location.

5th Step Publish your page

Tap the Publish button on your company’s page to go live. But before this, click on the Go to member view button at the right top of the page to see what the company page is like. In case you don’t like what your page looks like, click on the Manage page and make some changes necessary.

6th step: Include your Page Administrators

I don’t think you’ve to do this along, then, LinkedIn enables you to select the employees that can administer your page. Now if you want to add a team member, click the Me icon at the top of your LinkedIn page, choose your company page that’s the manage section. Now , click on  Admin tools at the right top  and select page admins. Add the team members by name and this one’s you’re adding must be connected with you on LinkedIn.

7th step: Optimize

Having successfully set up your LinkedIn company page, ensure that it performs to its best. You can achieve this by creating more quality post and being consistent in your publishing.

Creating a LinkedIn Marketing strategy

 You’ll achieve this by developing smart goals. Set good goals on your marketing. Know what you’re doing, if your aim is to build a social selling, ensure that you achieve it. Focus on your purpose one at a time. Evaluate if your efforts is paying off. Proceed to develop your audience personas.

Tips for Success LinkedIn business Ideas

Here are tips that’ll help you to build successful LinkedIn marketing strategies:

Motivate your employees to connect with your company’s LinkedIn page

It important you know that your best resources are your employees. Worthy of note, your employees affects your business growth 10 times more.

Publish a valuable content

By creating a quality and valuable content you can grow your audience and keep your followers. The value of your articles or your company’s updates shows how valuable your page and company is. Wow, you can also post a quality article from a reputable blog site, it mustn’t come from team. With this, you can foster great and important connections with other leaders.

Utilize the advantages of LinkedIn Groups

Participation actively in LinkedIn group will help you to build your business network. Concentrating on those outside of your immediate circle of current and present colleagues.

Using Multiple Language

When you use a multiple language, it makes you to go global. It’ll help you to permeate countries that English Language isn’t their primary language.

So, each time you publish an article or updates, post them in different languages and enable your followers to see your posts in their own Language.

Understand LinkedIn Algorithm

Understanding how LinkedIn works is the best information you can get to operate successful. Even though most social media prevent other from knowing their Algorithm, LinkedIn lets you know how they rate and ranks your content.

Here is how LinkedIn algorithm works

  • It uses a bot to evaluate your content as spam
  • LinkedIn algorithm measures initial users engagement
  • Their algorithm do some further checks for spam
  • LinkedIn uses Human editor to review content
Using LinkedIn ads

Using LinkedIn ads will help you a great deal in your LinkedIn Marketing. Here are the types of LinkedIn ads: Sponsored content, Text ads and sponsored Inmail.

Learning from LinkedIn Analytics

From the LinkedIn Analytics, you’ll know posts that have more engagement and those followed by more people. To access your LinkedIn analytics, click on the Me icon. Select your company page under the manage section and tap on the Analytics tab. Choose Visitors, updates or followers.

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