Pinterest Marketing| Best guide on how to Market on Pinterest

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Pinterest Marketing| Best guide on how to Market on Pinterest

Pinterest Marketing is another social media marketing platform that will help take your business to the next level and enable you to achieve your goals by meeting the right people for your products or services. Pinterest is very education and people who visit Pinterest for information always get what they want because of the quality of information on Pinterest.

Pinterest  Marketing

When social media marketing is mentioned, most people will always think that it’s only on Facebook business page, Twitter or LinkedIn, but Pinterest is social media platform that’s doing great in terms on business marketing.

For the time I have used Pinterest for sourcing for information on different categories of articles, I was really marveled at the quality of information that is in Pinterest. So, I recommend you read this article to the end to get tips on how you can use Pinterest marketing to grow your business to the next level.

Presently, about 40% of Pinterest users are men, though Pinterest is seen as a female-dominated social media platform. Not using Pinterest to market your business can be a huge mistake and I don’t think you can afford to miss out social media marketing offered through the Pinterest marketing strategies.

What is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is a social media that shares visual contents such as pictures or videos. Pinterest users can organize their images or videos accompanied by articles to further explain to you what a particular content is saying. It’s seen a search engine for most visual content. Inners on Pinterest can upload images and videos with attached links for further explanations. It gives users the opportunity to organize their pins in categories called boards or Pinboards. And you can customize your theme and theme boards and people can follow you and see your posts. It also provides an option for people to make their boards private or public.

As you share your content on your boards, followers can read and in turn make an order for the products you are selling on learn from what you’re offering on your pins/boards.

How to create Pinterest Account

Ever before you thought of Pinterest marketing, you have to, first of all, have a Pinterest account. It’s from your account that you can now create boards/Pins to start sharing your contents.

Steps to create a Pinterest Account

  • Visit, you can sign up with your Facebook account  details, Twitter account or your email address
  • Enter your username and confirm your email address. Make your Pinterest name unique, though you can change it later
  • If you want, you can add your Facebook or Twitter IDS to your Pinterest profile later by tapping on the ON button close to Twitter or Facebook.
  • Go to the top right corner of your Pinterest page and click on the red + button to create a new pin
  • Click on Boards to create boards
  • Then, follow other people on the platform and most people will, in turn, follow you back.
  • Always follow those that are following you if you’re a beginner.

Why you’ve to Choose Pinterest Marketing

You may see saying why Pinterest? What about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may be right but the truth is over 250 million people are using Pinterest actively each month and about 29% of them are adult from the U.S

But why you have to use Pinterest not minding the small number of monthly users compared to other social media like the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is that its users are actively engaged with it and they depend on it for their reliable information.

To convince you enough, statistics show that pinners have a household income of $100,000 USD for 40% users while 50% of users earn $50,000 USD. Also, 93% of active users depend on Pinterest for their planning and research for purchases.

More than 50% of Pinterest users have purchased a product they see promoted on Pins and almost 85% of Pinterest searches take place with the Mobile devices. In addition, 70% of users search and save Pins.

Best ways to utilize Pinterest Marketing

When it comes to marketing, I consider Pinterest to be a Goldmine. Though, having a successful Pinterest marketing didn’t end with your great profile image and your company description. You must have to make use of the detailed Pinterest Marketing strategies to achieve this success. Here are the tips to achieving a Pinterest marketing strategy:

Building your Profile Authority

You need to build your brand authority. By doing this, you’ll get more of your prospective buyers to have more trust in your brand and be willing to do business with you.

Once you’re able to get people to be aware of your products, it doesn’t matter what product you have for sale, what matters is that people are aware of the brand and they’ll come for it.

If your niche is about beauty, then make more women to be aware of your beauty niche through your boards.

Increasing you Pinterest Traffic

You can’t achieve much on your website without good traffic. When you have the right type of traffic coming to your Pinterest page, you can increase you online sales and make more money.

Increasing your Audience Reach

By growing your reach, you can reach the audience. To do this, you can other groups and follow other people you think that your competitors are following.

Things you need to create a strategic Pinterest Marketing Board

Create a Board for your business in your Pinterest profile and follow the steps to make your Board worthwhile:

  • Choose your Keywords
  • Decide your type on content
  • Know your competitors
  • Ensure your Curate quality content
  • Monitor your Metrics
  • Share a simple but powerful pins

Note: To achieve the above tips, all the tools that you need are:

  • Your name
  • Your Pinterest Boards
  • Pinterest Pins

By so doing you must be consistent with your posts and pin sharing. You can RePin older pins to maintain your presence and make others see your information you make not be visiting Pinterest during your first pins.

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