Twitter Marketing | How to use Twitter to Grow your business

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Twitter Marketing | How to use Twitter to Grow your business

Twitter Marketing is another advantage you can take to grow your business and increase your followers and prospective customers. If you wish to increase your business revenue, you don’t have to overlook the power of social media most especially now that you’ve more people using social media platforms for making purchases.

Twitter Marketing

When I wrote about using facebook business page to grow your business and Using LinkedIn to market your products, I highlighted the advantages of different platforms such that anyone you find more friendly, you easily leverage on the opportunities it offers.

Today, I’ll be talking on how to use Twitter Marketing strategies to build your business and increase your customer’s base and revenue.

It’s very interesting taking advantage of the 323 million monthly active users of Twitter to markets your products and services. But before you can achieve this, you must have a Twitter account and also, create a Twitter company page for your business on your Twitter Handle.

Creating Twitter Account-Twitter Marketing

To create your Twitter account, visit the Twitter homepage at

  • Click on the signup button
  • Fill the signup details providing information such as your full name, password and email address. In choosing your name, avoid names that are difficult. You can use your real name or names that people can remember easily and as short as you can make it.
  • Click on the create my account button
  • You’ll see an option to import your email addresses from your Gmail, Yahoo or your Outlook accounts. This is really a nice way to start following your contacts.
  • After that, close the page and sign in to your account. On the homepage at the top, go to settings, from there, you can tell people more about yourself and what your company represents, including your URL. From there, you’ll get an option to geotag your tweets to tell others where you’re tweeting from. Though the option of where you’re tweeting from may not to necessary when you’re using it to promote your business.
  • Add your Picture to your profile photo tab. It’s wise you use your personal picture, not a logo or icon. This is because users want to see the face of who they’re chatting with. Don’t use the pictures of you and your wife, dog or group shots.
  • Then, start looking for people to follow, type the name of the people you want to follow, once it shows, click on the follow button. Also, you’ll see other suggestions of whom to follow, anyone you want to follow, click on the follow button.
  • Spend more time on twitter about 40 minutes a day engaging people on Twitter. It can be 20 minutes at intervals.

Why should I use Twitter marketing strategy?

Twitter is really advancing and many people are now using Twitter. Though Twitter marketing may not be as facebook book business marketing or LinkedIn, one thing is sure that you’ll get the services below to grow your business:

  • Content and information sharing
  • Promoting your business engagements
  • Good and better interaction with your customers
  • Good business networking
  • Branding and reputation management.

How to make your Twitter Page more engaging

Once you’ve created your page and let your users know the business or company that your represents, you can now take time to get more active on Twitter. Use the following keys to get a better Twitter engagement:

Make an engaging twitter chats

To attract active Twitter followers, It’s not enough to have followers but what matters is how active your followers are on Twitter. How relevant your posts are getting you more active followers.

Plan Ahead of your Post

Ensure that you have good plans for your posts. Produce posts for seasons ahead and what is trending in the industry you represent. Make plans for the holiday and special events using hashtags such #Christmas,#Halloween,#Thanksgiving,#premierleague and so on.

Making your Tweets conversational

How do you get people to get interested in what you’re writing? If you want to draw people’s attention to what you’re saying, you have to make your Tweets more conventional. It doesn’t have to be just a broadcast, it shouldn’t be just your headlines and al link, inspiring quotes or funny statements, it should have an open floor for people to join the conversation and communicate to you. You can use these steps below:

  • Let your tweets include questions
  • Your tweets should reply to other people’s questions and solve their problems.
  • As you Tweet links, add a line of your own insight to strike off a conversation.
  • Let your Tweet go directly to your audience. Don’t make it just a blog post title or link you can say what do you guys think about this?
Have a Posting Schedule

This is similar to planning your post ahead. Your schedule should contain what you plan to Tweet and how you want to go about it.

As a Twitter Marketing strategy, it’ll help your followers to know when to expect something from your twitter handle.

When you space out your tweets, it’ll then enable your followers to see all your Tweets.

Using a Twitter video

You shouldn’t for any reason ignore Twitter video marketing. Though it may not be the best platform, it’ll go a long way to drive home your business message and make people believe and listen to you the more.

Build more Bridges

Ensure that all the steps are maintained by the following steps to do the following:

  • Building engaging followers
  • Responding to customers’ complaints  and as soon as possible
  • Generate quality leads
  • Attract more traffic to your website
  • Have a good network of bloggers and influencers

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