WePay Payment | Make Integrated Payment Services Online

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WePay Payment |Make  Integrated Payment Services  Online

WePay payment makes your Online payments very seamless. If you want to make a visible change in your business payments system either as an enterprise or an individual. WePay is an online payment system that’s fun and is ready to give you the best service that’ll make you call again and again.


WePay is ready to serve you in connection with what your organization wants. Both their aims and aspirations are well taking into consideration. Wepay believes that the success of their customers is their success. However is good to hear that you’re working with a company that believes in your success –This is to say that your success drives their success.

Where can I use WePay

WePay helps companies and business to receive bill payments. It’s a reliable integrated payment solution for software platforms like Ecwid, FreshBooks, GoFundMe and Joist. It enables them to accept payments seamlessly, increase revenue and also fight fraud.

It also very useful   in other micro software company, crowd funding sites and market place. In addition,  it provides partners high risk fraud management and protection. This goes a long way in ensuring that customers on this platform make sate payments without having to bother about fraud practices.

Products offered by WePay Payment Services

This payment system offers services that have benefited a lot of users. Both customers and business owners have lots of testimonies about these services. Below are their services:

Offers Fast and easy Integrated Payment

They provides merchant with a complete payment system that’s reliable through the WePay API. Its payments are secured and offers secure funds management. It can be online or payment in person and it offers an option to customize your payment method.

It’s a payments system that supports multiple payment methods like Credit, debit Ach and Chase pay. However, it provides business owners opportunity to control their business earnings daily, weekly and monthly payouts as well.

Provides instant and secure merchant on boarding

Through this means merchants have the access to start accepting payments very fast with one or more email addresses. After the payment, you can now customize your details with your customers to assist them with a smooth sign up process.

Offers customized Integrations

Through the company’s team, you can work closely to manage and more additional options. It enables you to have a good optimized process for what your merchant wants. It depends on the branding, a white label standard. Though, it houses a little risk managements scheme and merchant support.

 Offers users 100% Coverage for their risk in Payment

It provides users with 100% fraud loss and charge backbone exposure. They ensures that they achieve the PCI and OFAC compliance in getting customer payment and details.

Provides users with Premier Partner support

 Through the Premier Partner support, you can improve your support team using your preferred tools to manage all payments. Also, they offer a full support from their team  24 hours of the day. There’s also a member training and direct merchant support for interested persons.

Provides Points of sales solution to users

Users can quickly build their point of business sale using SDK through their mobile card readers. Though, this doesn’t really matter the kind of platform you’re using be it tablets or a smart phone you can be assisted with your payments.

How to Sign up for WePay services

Visit the application page and fill in your full name, last name, business email, company name, phone number, and country, provide you the number of users of the platform and reason for the demo request. Lastly, on the page, click on the submit button.

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